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foodicontest's Journal

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an icon challenge community dedicated to food, yum!


welcome to foodicontest, an icontest community dedicated to all kinds of food and everything directly related to food. enjoy your stay & bon apetit!

submissions » 01. you must be a member of the community to enter a challenge; 02. your icons have to be 100x100 pixels and 40kb (or less) in size; 03. all icons have to be new and they need to remain new until the challenge is over, what means that you can't post them anywhere before the winners are announced; 04. you can only submit your own original icons; 05. you can't use other people's bases unless they were provided by the community's mod; 06. animation will sometimes be allowed; 07. each challenge post will contain a short rules & details note so make sure you've read everything carefully as the requirements may differ. 08. upload your icons somewhere where direct linking is allowed, for example photbucket; 09. post your icons in a comment to the challenge entry; 10. minimal numbers of contestants for each challenge is three;

voting » 01. anyone may vote in any challenge. you do not need to be a member of the community to vote; 02. please vote correctly or your vote will not count; 03. if you've entered you're expected to vote; 04. you can't vote for yourself and you can't ask other to vote for you; 05. if 3 or more icons tie in a challenge there will be tie breaker voting; 06. if your icons are involved in tie breaker voting you do not need to vote; 07. some icon artists have a very recognizable style so remember that you're voting for your favourite icons, not for the people you like; 08. cheating is strongly prohibited;

affiliates » food_stillness; stock-contest; basic-icontest; createandshine; allthe-icontest; rand_icontests; art_stills; movie-stillness; wizard_icontest; hunger-icontest; trekicontest; dwo-stillness; nexticon; hushandcool; yourusername... it could be you! become an affiliate now! click here.

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