challenge #10

theme » whatever you want

☞ you may submit up to 3 icons;
☞ you can use any pictures you want (as long as it's food);
☞ all icons must fit lj requirements;
☞ all icons must be fresh and new;
☞ using other people's bases is not allowed;
☞ animation is not allowed;
☞ post your icons in a comment to this entry;
☞ your post must contain the image and the url;
☞ all post will be screened until the challenge is over;
☞ if you participate you're expected to vote too;
☞ no voting on your own icons;
☞ no cheating;

The deadline is on Sunday, November 11, 22.00 CEST. There's plenty of time and the theme is free so I expect all the members to enter the challenge. If you have any questions regarding the challenge ask them in a comment to this entry. General questions regarding the community itself shall be asked here. Thank you!

Be creative and have fun! ♥